In December 2015, after 8 years on air on Fbi Radio, we broadcast the last Scratching Sydney’s Surface segment.

It had been a fantastic run and was a great way to get Sydney’s history out to such a huge audience.  But all good things must come to an end, and it was time for us to explore new ways of doing things and to give someone else a chance to present their ideas on Fbi.

Thank you Fbi for giving us that opportunity.

And while that phase has finished, we have hardly made a dent on the history of this city and so we will go on through this blog.

For a start we have a few radio segments we need to write up for the blog.  After that, we will add more material as we go along, with maybe a podcast or two thrown in for good measure.

Thanks for keeping with us for all these years.

See you all soon.